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Does CSR Play a Role for Chinese Students?

Author Chao Ni

This study investigates the effects of CSR motives and commitments on young Chinese customers’ attitudes towards the CSR message, attitudes towards the company behind the message, as well as their intended behaviors. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was used. An initial experimental research showed that the customers’ attitudes and behavioral intentions would not be significantly differently influenced by the CSR motives and commitments. Then in-depth interviews were conducted to find out the reason behind it. These interviews revealed that CSR is rarely of prime importance in consumer evaluation and decision-making. The evaluation process follows a complex hierarchical structure with three levels: core, central, and peripheral. CSR is placed in the peripheral level. Product quality and corporate culture are situated in the core level and price at the central level. The insights shed light on the role of CSR in Chinese marketing field, serve as a basis for discussing the theoretical and managerial implications of this study and give directions for future research.


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